The FlowDoser™ modular dispense controller offers the first ever commercial product to provide consistent and reliable watering to crops grown indoors and irrigated with submersible pumps using ready-mixed nutrient solutions.

The following are some benefits of adopting the FlowDoser™  dispense controller for your indoor agricultural system.

Improve Watering Consistency

To run high-efficiency indoor agricultural systems, the proper amount of nutrient solution needs to be delivered to the root zone of crops. Under watering causes lower crop yields, and over watering wastes nutrients and water, and could possibly cause root zone damage for certain crops. The FlowDoser™  system provides the exact, programmable nutrient solution dose size every time using your existing plumbing and equipment, removing the need for counting seconds when hand watering or trying to guess the right time to run your pumps with plumbed systems.

Save on Nutrient Solution Costs

Nutrients are a large cost for indoor agricultural operations. The FlowDoser™ system lets you repeatably and reliably dispense mixed nutrient solution, reducing waste. Never mix more or less than your crops need with FlowDoser.

Water Any Time in Any Amount

With the FlowDoser Timer-Automatic™ , never worry about keeping your roots wet enough through the night. Even shift your light to the night to save on electricity costs, knowing that the FlowDoser™  will give you the right amount of nutrient solution, any time, night or day.

Easily Reconfigure Your Greenhouse

The FlowDoser™  system is highly modular, allowing each pump autonomy. Feel free to add pumps, move pumps, entirely reconfigure the irrigation in your greenhouse. Since the FlowDoser™ needs only one extra wire from the flow sensor to the control box,  there is no fixed wire install or extra electrical cable runs needed. Configuration is easily performed via an on-board keypad and LCD display in minutes, so the system can be moved and reconfigured with ease.

Save on Labor Costs

Good workers are expensive. Optimize your labor force by enabling your dedicated employees to be more productive by deploying FlowDoser™  in your greenhouse. Your staff will be able to spend more time on harvests, preparing nutrient mixes, planting, and growing, rather than wandering around with a hose or fighting with pumps and obsolete programmable timers to try and guess the right time to run a pump to get the right volume at each watering interval.

Track Total Volume of Nutrient Solutions Used

Each FlowDoser™ controller has internal counters that can be easily viewed and reset, showing total gallons and total number of watering events. Use these counters to help track and predict water and nutrient solution use.

Automate Drum and Tank Filling

With optional accessories, the FlowDoser™  can be used on the input to your filter system. Program the FlowDoser™ with how many gallons you want in your system reservoir, push the button, and walk away. Or, let the FlowDoser™ fill that reusable plastic water tank through your filter system with the same amount of liquid every time.