Q) How can I buy FlowDoser™  products?

A) Please contact FlowDoser for pricing and availability. We offer trial units for use around the Denver Metro area, and are a cash-friendly business.

Q) My grow is really big. Can you design me a custom irrigation solution?

A) Absolutely. Please contact us to discuss what custom system you need. FlowDoser™  has a staff of experts waiting to discuss your custom irrigation needs.

Q) Can you ship?

A) Absolutely. The FlowDoser™ irrigation control products can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Q) What makes FlowDoser™ flow dispensing systems different than others?

A) FlowDoser™ products are the first irrigation control products that are specifically designed to work for indoor growers working with small-scale tanks of pre-mixed nutrient solution. They control flow by turning on and off a pump or valve, using feedback from an included volumetric flow sensor to provide precise volume control. Most other flow dispensing systems work by controlling the time a pump or valve is actuated for, which causes variability in volume of liquid dispensed. Additionally, the FlowDoser™ system is highly modular, allowing it to be easily added to virtually any system.

Q) How many pumps can each FlowDoser™ control?

A) Each FlowDoser™ is designed to operate a single pump.

Q) What is the maximum pump size that can be controlled with the FlowDoser™?

A) The maximum pump recommended pump size is 1/3HP. The FlowDoser™ is fused internally such that using substantially larger pumps will open the fuse. If you have a need to operate the FlowDoser™ with a larger pump, we can help you by supplying external higher-current relays or contactors to control any size pump.

Q) What is the flow rate that can be accommodated with the FlowDoser™?

A) Because the system is designed for fractional horsepower pumps, the standard 3/4″ flow sensor supplied with the FlowDoser™ systems is optimized for use from 1 to 15 GPM. For higher precision, lower flow applications, we offer a 1/2″ flow sensor that operates at a max of 6.5 GPM. If you have other unique flow requirements, please contact us.

Q) What is the life expectancy of the FlowDoser equipment?

A) The electrical equipment is designed for year-round 24 hour / day operation for years. The flow sensors are designed for a lifespan of 100,000 gallons. The wireless key fob battery life is based on use, and are user-replaceable.

Q) Is the FlowDoser™ system patented?

A) Yes, we currently have filed appropriate forms to be Patent Pending on the FlowDoser system.

Q) How repeatable is the FlowDoser™ system volume?

A) As supplied, each FlowDoser™ is calibrated with its sensor, and will deliver better than 2% for the range of volumes available, or about 1.25 ounces on a 1-gallon programmed volume. If higher accuracy is desired, the system’s built-in calibration function can be used to increase the accuracy. We recommend you calibrate the system with each pump, once it has been installed, to get the highest accuracy out of the system.

Q) What is the range of the wireless remote for the FlowDoser™ Hand-Automatic?

A) The FlowDoser™ Hand-Automatic is designed for use in indoor grow environments where the operator holding the remote will be attached via some sort of hose to the pump. As such, the system was designed to operate with a minimum of 100′ range when inside, provided that the control box is mounted high enough off the ground.

Q) Are the FlowDoser™ products waterproof?

A) No. They are water resistant, and are designed for use in wet areas, but care should be taken to not get the Control Box wet. Treat them as you would treat other plug-in electrical devices. The FlowDoser™ products need to be operated with properly installed and GFCI-protected electrical service, suitable for damp locations.

Q) How do I mount FlowDoser™ products?

A) There are many ways, based on your application. The box includes a mounting ear that can be screwed to a wall. The AC cord is gripped securely in the unit, and can be hung from that cord if needed. We recommend it not set on the floor, due the risk of water spills and the unit getting stepped on. The FlowDoser™ products use a piggyback style connector, to simplify wiring from the Control Box to the pump.

Piggyback style connector