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Hand-Automatic_WebThe Hand-Automatic controls a single pump or valve via a wireless key fob remote carried with a watering technician. Each time the wireless remote’s button is pressed, an exact volume of fluid is dispensed by turning the pump or valve on and off by the FlowDoser.

The Hand-Automatic™ enables common submersible pumps to act like prepaid gas pumps. Make “the count” obsolete, and get the exact volume you want per plant, each time. In use, the watering technician carries your existing hose and watering wand around, but rather that counting seconds off per watering, pushes a button on the wireless remote when positioned over each plant. An exact amount of nutrient solution is pumped, and then automatically stopped. Then, the technician moves to the next plant, and repeats the process.

Each Hand-Automatic™ controls a single pump or valve, allowing it to be easily added to any grow facility with minimal infrastructure changes.


  • 100′ range indoors from wireless remote to Hand-Automatic™ control box
  • Single-Button wireless key fob wireless remote
  • User specified volume units allows precision dosing in liters, buckets, gallons, or other arbitrary units
  • Flow rate from 1 to 16 gallons per minute (gpm)
  • Directly controls common pumps up to 1/3 horsepower
  • Control larger pumps with optional accessories
  • Control valves for pressurized or city-water based systems
  • Flow sensor equipped with 5 foot cord to the control unit and standard 3/4″ NPT male pipe fittings.
  • AC Power cord 5 feet long
  • Small size and light weight: Less than 1.5 pounds, 3″ x 5″ x 1.5″ deep.
  • 2 Line LCD Display with simple four-button keypad for configuration
  • Built in dose button for manual pump operation or bucket filling

What’s Included

Each FlowDoser Hand-Automatic™ includes the FlowDoser control unit with a 5′ power cord, a flow sensor with 3/4″ NPT male threads with 5′ cord, and a wireless key fob remote.

FlowDoser Hand-Automatic™ control box

FlowDoser Hand-Automatic™ control box


Timer-Automatic™ Flow Sensor, with 3/4″ NPT Male Threads and 5′ cord

One button wireless key fob remote

One button wireless key fob remote