The FlowDoser™ system installs in minutes on any pump up to 1/2HP in size. The installation process is the same for both the Hand-Automatic™ and Timer-Automatic™ systems. Each FlowDoser™ controls only one pump, so these instructions will need to be repeated for each pump in a grow operation.

The system consists of the following two or three components:

  1. Control Box, with piggyback-style power cord and user control panel
  2. Flow Sensor, which comes with 3/4″ NPT threaded fittings and a cable to connect to the control box
  3. Wireless Remote (FlowDoser Hand-Automatic™ systems only)

Installation is straightforward:

  1. Plug the Control Box’s piggyback power cord into the outlet that will power the desired pump.
  2. Plug the pump into the piggyback power cord’s outlet.
  3. Install appropriate fittings on the threads on the Flow Sensor to interface with your plumbing system, and install the flow sensor in line with either the inlet or outlet of the submersible pump. *NOTE* The Flow Sensor is NOT submersible. The best place to install the flow sensor is on the outlet pipe from the submersible pump before it connects with any tees, elbows, or sub-piping.
  4. Attach the wire from the Flow Sensor to the Control Box. The flow sensor comes with a 4-position female connector which mates with a male connector on the control box, located next to where the power cord enters the control box.
  5. If you have a wireless remote, consult the manual on programming the control box to talk to that specific wireless remote.

Your physical installation is now complete. Consult the instruction manual for programming and setup.