Overview: What is a FlowDoser™?

A FlowDoser™ is a revolutionary new invention that turns your fractional-horsepower submersible pump into a high precision, high flow volumetric dosing pump. A FlowDoser™ equipped pump will give you exactly the amount of solution needed, every time, regardless of pump or pipe sizing, depth of solution, or pressure drop through a system, allowing for optimal use of expensive nutrient solutions and valuable water.

The FlowDoser™ system can be made to work with virtually any size of common submersible pumps, and can be expanded to use larger pumps as well if needed.

How it Works

The FlowDoser™ works by providing intelligent control to your existing pumps or valves. Simply plug the FlowDoser™ into an outlet, and plug your pump’s electrical cable into the outlet on the FlowDoser™. Next, install the included flow sensor into your plumbing system. The FlowDoser™ then controls the device plugged into the outlet based on the fluid flowing through the flow sensor.

Basic Operation

The FlowDoser™ products differ from all other common irrigation controllers because they measure volumetric flow, rather than operating based on time. This allows a FlowDoser to run a pump to reliably and repeatable dose the proper volume needed. If a crop needs exactly 3.5 gallons of water per watering, then exactly 3.5 gallons will be pumped, regardless of pipe, pump, hose size, or any other variables. All FlowDoser™ products can be user-calibrated with a simple process involving a single button and a bucket of known size.

FlowDoser™ types

There are two FlowDoser™ products, the Hand-Automatic™ and the Timer-Automatic™, each targeted at a specific indoor agricultural segment. The Hand-Automatic is for hand-watered greenhouses, and the Timer-Automatic is for systems that have plumbing connections to each plant or table in a grow facility.

For automating your hand watering, read about the Hand-Automatic.

For automating your drip, flood, or other flow-based irrigation systems, read about the Timer-Automatic.